2011 – a contemplative adios

2011 has been a terrific one!

It’s been a year of new people and friends. I’ve acquired many new friends who were completely fresh and a wonderful set of people. I simply cannot put in words the very idea of new people entering my life. Meeting new people, interacting with them and befriending them have always been fun. If these new people have not traced their path into my life, I would have mulled over the monotonous array of events that was decelerating my course of life.  I would not extend my courtesy to you by acknowledging your inclusion with a ‘Thanks for being there’ and thereby forcing a compulsive formality in our relationship. I would like to keep things informal.

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Movie Review: Nootrenbathu (180)

It was a long weekend and I desperately wanted to watch some Tamil movie completely avoiding any ‘run of the mill’ Genres viz. politics, hopeless country side cacophonies or of any mass hero movies. After much scanning through the music channels and comedy channels, I found some uniqueness in the songs and scenes from this movie ‘Nootrenbathu’.

Quickly googled the movie’s torrent and after careful examination of the sample screenshots, I took the decision to download the torrent and left the system to its own seeding and leeching simultaneously for the next four hours (God bless my ISP’s speed and package!)

Okay off to review!

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